Naked Ambition draws you in early and won’t let go until you’ve devoured every last page. Pullen has crafted a masterful narrative that casts post-Citizens United abuses of power in nuanced layers of suspense and intrigue.–Steve Giegerich, author of Body of Knowledge.

Rick Pullen attended a workshop I gave at 2015 ’s ThrillerFest writer’s conference. I read an excerpt of Naked Ambition at that time and saw the obvious potential. But even that preview did not prepare me for what I just finished reading. The novel is fun, smart and topical without ever getting preachy. The characters, though comic in design, bear aneerie similitude with their real-world counterparts. Beck and Geneva in particular continue to inhabit my thoughts even now that their story is over. Time and time again I was surprised by the plot twists—so often, while expecting the story to zig, I watched it zag in an utterly plausible but unforeseeable way, which made it impossible to stop turning pages. There’s also plenty of raucous wit, wicked detail, and hard-won wisdom—Mister Pullen knows the world of which he speaks—and I even learned a few things, like the distinction between Padrons and Cohibas, and what constitutes the Washington version of safe sex. —David Corbett, Award-winning author of The Mercy of the Night