Pre-Order THE APPRENTICE for the Holidays

My new novel, THE APPRENTICE, is scheduled for publication Dec. 26, so whip out your Amazon gift card and enjoy a good quick read for the holidays. You can pre-order the ebook now and the print version on Dec. 26.

THE APPRENTICE is about a young reporter, Tish Woodward, who is thrust into the national spotlight investigating a novice president-elect. My original intent was to create a serial, on the order of “House of Cards,” but my publisher wanted something longer. Unlike “House of Cards,” THE APPRENTICE is from the point of view of the good guys. This is a thriller and who-done-it wrapped as one. It is not a sequel to my first novel, NAKED AMBITION.

As usual, THE APPRENTICE has lots of twists and turns, and of course, a surprise ending. If you enjoyed NAKED AMBITION, I think you will like this book. The sequel to NAKED AMBITION will be NAKED TRUTH and will be published next spring.