Naked Truth

This novel about the U.S. Supreme Court was going to be my third in the NAKED series. But then there was upheaval in the court early in 2016 and reality provided so many conspiracy opportunities, I immediately stopped working on NAKED AGGRESSION (about Congress) and began plotting NAKED TRUTH. I’ve completed the manuscript. My editor is now pouring over it line by line. Hoping for publication this fall.

NAKED TRUTH starts out with the mysterious death of the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court at a private west Texas resort (Sound familiar?).

Reality, in this case, is stranger than fiction. According to The Washington Post, the gathering in west Texas was of a secret hunting society that included Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. The Post reported Scalia accepted free travel, hospitality and lodging from people with an interest in recent court rulings. After he was found dead in bed, a decoy hearse left the resort for El Paso in the late afternoon to deceive any news media who had arrived after word leaked of Scalia’s death. Scalia’s body, however, was not removed from the resort until around midnight, according to The Post. This was after he had been dead well over 14 hours (perhaps as many as 24).

He was pronounced dead by a justice of the peace named Cinderella (no kidding) since the coroner was out of town.  And she did it over the telephone. When I say this is rural west Texas, I should emphasize the word rural.

Beck Rikki will return in NAKED TRUTH as will some of the other characters from NAKED AMBITION.