Manuscript off to my Editor

My manuscript for my sequel to NAKED AMBITION is complete and I sent it off to my editor last week. Now I have a month for other projects until I receive Lorin Oberweger’s edits back. Lorin is a fantastic editor. In my mind, her edits to NAKED AMBITION made the book. She taught this first-time novelist a lot. So far NAKED AMBITION has sold nearly 35,000 copies! Hoping she works her miracles again for my sequel, NAKED TRUTH, another political thriller.

I just finished writing up an interview with New York Times Best Selling thriller novelist Lee Child, which I conducted last fall. (See what getting a month off can accomplish?)  I’ve met Lee several times at ThrillerFest, the annual confab in New York for thriller writers. Great guy. He made a few corrections and answered a couple more questions, so I will post the piece in the coming weeks to go along side the stories of Steve Berry and Michael Connelly. All are talking about their efforts to get their first novels published. Lee’s story is quite different from Steve’s and Mike’s.

Now plotting my next novel, which will be a stand alone. Then back to the series.