Naked Ambition Hits Best Seller Lists!

Two weeks ago NAKED AMBITION was at or near the top of three Amazon thriller best seller lists. It hit No. 1 on two of the lists and No. 3 on a third. The book sold more than 1,000 copies over one weekend. That of course, results in a lot of questions, the most frequent being: “Where can I get another book in the series?” Oops. I’m not there yet. But I sure appreciate readers letting me know how much they enjoy the book (right now I have 40 positive reviews on Amazon).

So I’m currently hard at work on the second in the series, NAKED TRUTH, which I hope to complete in 2017. It is about the mysterious death of the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. Of course, Beck Rikki is on the case. Some characters in NAKED AMBITION reappear as well in the next in the series.

Please encourage your friends who enjoy thrillers to pick up a copy. I’m surprised my biggest international fan base is Australia. I like their exquisite taste in books!

NAKED AMBITION doing better than expected. Beck will be back.

Sales are brisk and still growing. Nice to see. Thank you readers! Some readers are already eager for my next book and wondering about my characters. Yes, Beck Rikki will be back. This time he will be investigating the mysterious death of the chief justice of the United States.  Check out the website for more details.

Naked Ambition launched this week on Amazon

Both the e-book and print version have finally launched. I broke the top 100 of political/mysteries on Amazon. Currently at 62. (It varies by the hour.) I just broke the 7,000 ranking mark for all books on Amazon. I’m told that means NAKED AMBITION is selling about 20 books a day. This is without a marketing campaign. That should begin soon.

My fellow writers tell me this is a roller coaster. One day up, next day down. I plan on enjoying the ride. Hope you are enjoying the book.