Kindle Press Will Launch my Novel this Spring

I haven’t been given a date yet. They will be editing it for another two weeks. Then I have to go over and approve or reject their edits. Then we do some final production stuff and it will be ready to roll. Their contract gives them worldwide rights for the e-book and audio book. I can sign the print book with another publisher, but for now it will be on Amazon as well. You won’t find it in many bookstores right away, but you will be able to order a print or e-book version at Amazon. Kindle Press will be marketing my novel in France, Germany, Spain, England and a lot of other countries.

I’m also working with Penny Sansevieri at Author Marketing Experts in LA to boost my recognition. It’s hard as hell for a first-time novelist to get noticed so I’m hoping she will give me more leverage. She has a great reputation. I met her a few years back at a writers’ conference in Denver, then again last year at the Independent Book Publishers Association annual meeting in Austin. We’ve been talking ever since and she has been waiting patiently for me to finish the manuscript.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Photography

Tom O’Neal and I are working on a photo book about his career as a rock ‘n’ roll photographer. Tom was there for the Monterey Pop music festival nearly 50 years ago and has some incredible photos from that era.

Since the festival, he has created 70 album covers. He was initially inspired by an album cover for the Mommas and the Papas. I’ll be posting a lot about his work in the coming months. Check out the chapter on Crosby Stills Nash & Young’s Deja vu album cover on this web site.

Steve Berry–12 Years in the Making of an Overnight Success

Thriller writer Steve Berry is an inspiration to all aspiring mystery and thriller writers. It took him 12 years and 87 rejections to become an overnight New York Times bestseller success. I interviewed him several times and wrote about his efforts. He linked to my story from his Facebook page. This is the first chapter of several I’m currently working on for an anthology about how famous authors got started. The next will be either Michael Connelly (the Harry Bosch and Lincoln Lawyer series) or David Morrell (First Blood–Rambo). Both are in the works. I’ve got a list of chapters I’m working on at this moment. Check them out.