Lee Child Honored at ThrillerFest

Spent last week in NYC at the annual ThrillerFest conference for thriller writers. Met up with lots of friends I’ve met over the years and had a day-long critique class with Lee Child. Lee was honored at the annual awards banquet this year for his 20 years of Jack Reacher novels.

One thing you can say about ThrillerFest,  it is entertaining. Lee is a Beatles fan (he is British) so two authors rewrote the lyrics to several famous Beatles songs and sang them on stage in his honor. The last tune was “Hey Lee,” sung to the tune of “Hey Jude.” Everyone in the banquet hall–all 800 or so writers–stood, clapped and sang Hey Lee! It was a great scene.

I’ve been going to ThrillerFest for six years now. Fortunately, I no long have to go to PitchFest, which is  an afternoon of speed dating with book agents, since I signed with John Talbot last year.

I talked with a publisher while I was there and I hope to hear some news on that front soon. Meanwhile, still waiting for my editor Lorin to finish my newest manuscript for my next novel, Naked Truth.

More to come…




If you love to write mysteries or thrillers, ThrillerFest is the place to be each summer. Because of the cost of the conference, it is really limited to those serious about their craft and networking with other fiction writers. In the past I’ve studied with some great writers. This year I will be studying with Lee Child. He and I have met on various occasions in the past and he granted me a long interview in 2016 to talk about the birth of his first novel. I recently posted a story based on that interview. He is one of the masters and two of his Jack Reacher novels are now movies starring Tom Cruise. So I will be listening closely in class.

As for my work, novel number two is with my editor (A fall release?) and I’m already into plotting and writing novel number three.

How Did Lee Child’s First Novel Fare?

Lee Child is internationally known as one of the top thriller writers in the world with his Jack Reacher series. But how did he fare two decades ago when he first set out to write a thriller? Get all the details here about what he went through. I recently published the latest chapter in my anthology of famous thriller and mystery writers and their struggles to get published. There’s hope for everyone who has ever dreamed of writing a novel here.