ThrillerFest, July 2018

Sitting on a panel Friday the 13th (hmm???) at ThrillerFest in NYC. Discussing pitching agents. The story of how I got mine involves my friend Mary Buckham from Seattle and the Virginia Romance Writers Association. I’ll have to ask for extra time on the panel to explain. My novels Naked Ambition and The Apprentice, will be on sale in the book store. I’ll be signing them Friday morning.

Looking forward to seeing many old friends and making new ones. Will also take in a little of NYC while I’m there. If you love thrillers, you should be at ThrillerFest. It’s for writers and fans.

BookTrib Asks Me to be First Author Interviewed for Inaugural Virtual Coffee Q&A

BookTrib asked if they could interview me for their first Virtual Coffee conversation. (You think I’d turn them down?) We chatted about my new novel, The Apprentice, which mirrors today’s Washington (but a lot more interesting and from a young woman’s point of view). My idea was to create an ongoing serial. Part One of The Apprentice is set for Dec. 26 release, just in time for Amazon Gift Card purchases.

They asked about what it’s like for a man to write about a female protagonist (I’ve got strong women in my life), and one who is a generation younger. I think you’ll find this a fun read–a lot more entertaining than what is going on in Washington right now.

Oh, and here’s the First Review of THE APPRENTICE. “This book is fast paced and holds true to being truly thrilling. Follow Trish as she realizes she’s in over her head and has nowhere to turn for help.”

Pre-Order THE APPRENTICE for the Holidays

My new novel, THE APPRENTICE, is scheduled for publication Dec. 26, so whip out your Amazon gift card and enjoy a good quick read for the holidays. You can pre-order the ebook now and the print version on Dec. 26.

THE APPRENTICE is about a young reporter, Tish Woodward, who is thrust into the national spotlight investigating a novice president-elect. My original intent was to create a serial, on the order of “House of Cards,” but my publisher wanted something longer. Unlike “House of Cards,” THE APPRENTICE is from the point of view of the good guys. This is a thriller and who-done-it wrapped as one. It is not a sequel to my first novel, NAKED AMBITION.

As usual, THE APPRENTICE has lots of twists and turns, and of course, a surprise ending. If you enjoyed NAKED AMBITION, I think you will like this book. The sequel to NAKED AMBITION will be NAKED TRUTH and will be published next spring.