Pre-Order THE APPRENTICE for the Holidays

My new novel, THE APPRENTICE, is scheduled for publication Dec. 26, so whip out your Amazon gift card and enjoy a good quick read for the holidays. You can pre-order the ebook now and the print version on Dec. 26.

THE APPRENTICE is about a young reporter, Tish Woodward, who is thrust into the national spotlight investigating a novice president-elect. My original intent was to create a serial, on the order of “House of Cards,” but my publisher wanted something longer. Unlike “House of Cards,” THE APPRENTICE is from the point of view of the good guys. This is a thriller and who-done-it wrapped as one. It is not a sequel to my first novel, NAKED AMBITION.

As usual, THE APPRENTICE has lots of twists and turns, and of course, a surprise ending. If you enjoyed NAKED AMBITION, I think you will like this book. The sequel to NAKED AMBITION will be NAKED TRUTH and will be published next spring.

My David Morrell Story Appeared on Book Trib This Week

I recently posted another chapter in my anthology on great mystery and thriller authors and their struggles to get published the first time. This time, I wrote about novelist David Morrell, author of First Blood (think Rambo). Book Trib picked it up this past week. This is another inside peek at  how today’s famous writers got their start. David is the fourth in the series. I’ve also profiled Lee Child, Michael Connelly and Steve Berry. And there’s a lot more to come.

Each has spent time with me explaining their story and how they first got published. Writers who are still struggling to find an agent or publisher, may want to read about the struggles of some of today’s most popular thriller writers.

My recent David Morrell piece outlines his journey from “Route 66” to “Rambo.”

Some of the writers I’ve covered struggled for years, while others got lucky early. Maybe you will learn something from their stories that could help you as a writer who wishes to get published.

Lots in the Works

THE APPRENTICE, a new series I’m working on, is scheduled to be published late this year. It’s actually my third novel, but will be my second novel published. It is a story about a young female reporter who is thrust into a series of events she fears she is not ready for.

My sequel to NAKED AMBITION is NAKED TRUTH. It is now scheduled for publication in 2018.

I’ve been asked by another publisher to work on a proposal for a new series. I’ll let you know if that pans out.