Pre-0rder Now: Naked Truth, Sequel to Naked Ambition

You can now pre-order Naked Truth, the long-awaited sequel to my 2016 Amazon bestseller, Naked Ambition. If you pre-order now, your copy will download or be sent to you Sept. 24,  the day it launches.

Once again, Beck Rikki faces the sleight-of-hand of power and money as he investigates the death of the Chief Justice of the United States. Was it a fatal heart attack or murder?

Talking THE APPRENTICE with WOCA, “The Source” Radio

My Publicist for THE APPRENTICE

A story about my publicist for THE APPRENTICE, Meryl Moss. Whenever we would talk on the phone, invariably, I would hear her dog in the background!

Radio stations all over the country interviewed me thanks to her.

Lovely lady.