Author Stephen James as Mentor

I was scheduled this week to be in Seattle for a writers workshop with New York Times bestselling authors Stephen James and Bob Dugoni. Yep. The first epicenter in the US for the Coronavirus. So yeah, it didn’t happen. But the dozen of us in the program had all submitted the first 50 pages of our manuscripts to critique. What to do? Follow through with the critique now remotely or sit on it for six months until the program is rescheduled? Most of us wanting to continue our writing, said do it now. So I was on Zoom with Stephen this week.

The good news is he loved my manuscript. He had a lot of good suggestions for changes–all relatively minor–and showed me a couple of tricks I will use in the future. But early in the conversation, he told me my manuscript was the best he’d read this year. My mouth dropped. I told him he must have been reading some bad stuff. He said no. It really was good. Well if that doesn’t motivate you, what will? So I’m hunkering down and isolating myself in front of my computer. Maybe in a few years you’ll be reading my manuscript in book form. I’ll keep you posted.